Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Thanks for the well wishes today! Tomorrow I will take to school a framed poster Will gave me some years ago. He went to a Dan Rather book signing and bought the message back "Courage". I always accept encouragement. Coming from someone who reported from 

Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Chicago Democratic Convention and many trying times this was a little special. Rather was one of The Big Three. My students have already demonstrated courage while debating economic and social concerns. I want to impress upon them the importance to continue. "Courage" was the name of Rather’s book.

Tour Pu Luong Retreat from Hanoi

Couple days trek in 

tour Pu Luong Retreat from Hanoi at Vietnam Decouverte into stunning UNESCO listed heritage rice terraces that are over 2000 years old. My phone says I walked 16 miles and climbed 265 stories of steps. It’s over 90 degrees, humid and the food sucks. If I haven’t lost at least 5lbs on this trip so far there’s no hope for me. The waterfall was closed because of mud slides but it was Sunday so no one was patrolling and my awesome female guide said "let’s go." The hike was a killer but worth it. Also, this is my first panorama photo on my new phone so I hope it works!

I’m in the midst of the Couch to 5km program, where you get up off your sofa and ultimately can run 5km without dying

I’m in the midst of the Couch to 5km program, where you get up off your sofa and ultimately can run 5km without dying.
This September, I’m going on a walking holiday in Ireland. I’m going to be walking about 20km a day for (I think) six days.
Here’s my question: what impact will be additional running fitness have on my walking fitness? Does it correlate directly? If I can comfortably run 3km right now and comfortably walk 6km, will I be able to comfortably walk 10km when I can run 5km?
Put another way, how much will this running help my ability to walk 20km a day?

However, if you intend to discover unique beauty of Asia this summer, Laos travel itinerary will be a perfect choice for you.
To explore more things around the world, please visit the site: https://vietnam-tours.asia/trip-to-laos-picturesque-7-days-6-nights-t423.html
Or if you want to travel to Asia, the site below will help you: http://educatingyourchild.net/mahamudra-my-story-part-4/

10 days itinerary in Myanmar

[Looking Inside Your Super Hero with Rob B. Lowe – Replay, Episode 4, Patricia Murdoch, Joyologist, on Coach on Fire Radio.]
It is time for 

10 days itinerary in Myanmar incredible Rob B. Lowe, Looking Inside Your Super Hero, Replay with Special Guest Patricia Murdoch, Joyologist.
Pat and Rob B Lowe discuss the layers of authenticity
What are the layers of authenticity?
Do you have it?
Can you get it?
Find out more?
Listen to Replay – http://tobtr.com/10055347
Download Full Episode – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/looking-inside-your-super-he…
Pat Armitstead is the world’s first Joyologist. She says “I did not learn about joy by studying joy. I learned about joy by experiencing shame, grief and embarrassment.” Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic past, repeated losses and eventual mastery culminated in this title.
Pat is a Pioneer and Thought Leader in the area of Joyful Empowerment and teaches Authentic Leadership, Engagement and Creativity. A master storyteller, she combines methodology with real human experiences, to bring meaning to life events. Pat sees crisis as a catalyst for personal growth and ongoing transformation, enabling high levels of intimate communication and authentic expression.
Pat’s accolades include: \
• Author
• Produced 10 documentaries,
• Anchored her own Multi Award Winning radio show
• Toured internationally with Patch Adams.
• She has been a regular guest on Radio and TV for 15 years and
• Received many awards including NZ Speaker of the Year, the highest accolade bestowed on speaking professionals.
Pat is preparing to launch her own TV show “The Laughter Channel- Where human interest meets humour interest”, which will be screened on Aurora Foxtel.
Want to know more?

Pu luong trekking tour

I just got back from 

Pu luong trekking tour 

http://puluongvietnam.com/pu-luong-tour-trekking/ , I had such a great time! But, wouldn’t it be great if there was also such a thing as a "working vacation?"
There is.
A friend of mine is hosting a "get it done get away" here in Southern California in early fall.
Think about it: a few days away from all the noise of your life so you can actually hear those brilliant ideas you have. Then, imagine, there’s a crew of equally brilliant people there to brainstorm with!
If you want deets, message me …

Pu Luong Vietnam

Good morning social mediaites! Question:
What do the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Australia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Bahrain, South Africa, Morocco, Canada, Finland, Greece, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Germany, Italy, Mexico,Pu Luong Vietnam and Brazil, all have in common? 


Since I posted this so late yesterday I’m going to extend this through today only

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